A rhyming poem I wrote in 2013.


Glow child like an evanescent satellite
Your last dance to the waiting twilight
Do not fade by the coward’s metal
Close your eyes as gloomy horizons settle

Capture the darkness in a crimson tide
For  storms of melancholy shall not abide
As wading is your soul to sanitizing water
On this bed of salt where sunken decks murmur

Embrace the lamb within, with a lion’s heart
Shed your clothes and tear your heart
Gaze at the purifying waters of a forgiving calm
As ghosts sing psalms for all fear to disarm

Fear of death, a mere distant memory
As the temple of life surrenders to a surreal reverie
When the grotto of your heart is but an empty room
And the fledgling moon sprinkles light in her fullest bloom

Gaze at the moon, my child, for she will hold your near
As the stars pave boulevards, for the soul to steer
Past galaxies of light to the placid waters of a sanctuary
As all shackles dissolve from your mortal penitentiary

As fated seed crashed against the walls of an ovum
Life crashed like the sunrise on this turquoise continuum
Yet sanity crashed one summer as darkness dissolved all hope
As my cradle of mortality crashed against spoons of dope

Now a frail wrinkled man walks to his final sunset
Where crashing waves will lay his soul to a perennial rest
For life was a constant journey to the euphoric dominion of heaven
As every puff of smoke gave the soul wings of a raven

As now the time is nigh for his legend to unfold
As memories fall like raindrops as all residues of sanity fold
As the tide serves notice for the temple of mortality
An eternal parole will be sealed armed with heaven’s indemnity