In a convict haven
On the outskirts of a botanical bay
Rests the roots of civilization
Celtic in origin, now a hodge-podge
Of ivory, olive, bamboo and curry
Where surfboards rise to conquer cascades
And divers sink to gaze at coral tapestries
A land of eucalyptus leaves and didgeridoos
Wailing to wind formations
Under the belly of a rainbow serpent
Where clement editions of evolution
Sculpted pouches as skin-picketed homes
And suckling milk beautified duck-bills
And this dessert terrain
Is where Alice slipped through a rabbit hole
To find beautiful springs near a handful of monoliths
Trekked by dromedary camels
And in this most-forgiving land
Histories are wiped clean for renewal
As boat people become destiny-seekers
Convicts of war and poverty
Who relinquished their striped uniforms
And became larrikins unified by mateship
Carrying one’s own matilda of mementos and dreams
For what matters is
Not lonely billabongs of the heart – far far away
Just that beautiful place of sheer colorblindness
After all there are no semblances
To fair dinkum love.

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