Finding Wings


Broken twigs of lace
Like a hula-hoop around her hipbones
As she slowly extended her wings
And unstiffened her winglets
Weathering the heat
Of touch-sweltered flesh

She leaped to his ridged arms
Draping all of her in satin-caress
And she laughed and twinkled
Her nectar-strewn irises
As she bathed his body
And sprinkled cherry blossoms
All over his rugged earth

She floated towards heaven
Fluttering like a runaway kite
Finding her elastic wings
And her passerine song
Flapping like a maddened Icarus
Till she was one with the sun
Melted and broken
Falling to the Aegean

And on the pinnacle
Beneath her long-wavy tresses
Was Bruegel’s brush
Finishing a masterpiece
Of lovers’ folly
And sinners’ glow.

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