The One That Got Away


I hold what is dear in nostalgia
Coffees that were never brewed
Inside a Colombo coffee house
And the window panes spared
Of eavesdropped anecdotes
And the day which never became a date
As it journeyed from the past
To the future in mere inertia

I look down that lonely boulevard
Where chairs were dusted
And coffee mugs washed and wiped
Only for two strangers not to appear
And that story which never journeyed till narration
Was aborted before she saw
Light streaming through gaze’s aperture
When a stranger’s face becomes
Like a meal – filled with assorted delicacies
And all you want to do is to taste her
Where she is most tender and ripe

And that moment which escaped time
Is your haunting, the leech that feeds
On your existence, the woman
That slipped through the crack
Of an abyss and faded to thin air
A buxom creature that will always be
Your life-long accomplice
Till perhaps Alzheimer’s or simply death
Do you and her apart……..


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