elephant -2

Inside the premises of a temple
A creature lies as cynosure
Armed with his tooth-might
Even competing with the graceful stupa
In endearing grandeur
And a few miles down the road
That same creature can be found
As god of the sciences and arts
Sitting on the pedestal of revered alters
And this strange but lovable creature
Is both bearer of meekness and valor
Plodding through corridors of time
Caught in the tug-of-war
Between extant and extinct
A creature perennially larger than life
Yet tragically smaller and weaker
Than a poacher’s bullet

And in this tragedy
Where greed ambushes breed
In the cross-fire of trade and conservation
What is required, is but winds of change
For one timely metamorphosis

From beast to beauty
Mirage to muse.


Author: meandererworld (Dilantha Gunawardana)

Dr Dilantha Gunawardana is a molecular biologist who graduated from the University of Melbourne. He moonlights as a poet. His poems have been accepted/published in Forage, American Journal of Poetry, Kitaab, Eastlit and Ravens Perch. He mixes science with poetry for a living, when what matters is the expression of both DNA and words into something serendipitous. Although an Australian citizen, Dilantha is domiciled in Sri Lanka, his country of birth.

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