The oldest truth is
We all love ‘love’ – the notion
The feeling and the jargon
The gifts and the tokens
After all everything cheesy
Is impaled by cupid’s arrow
Like the cup that reads “true love”
Or the card shaped to a heart

Yet some people
Rarely curdle, jaundice and flavor
To the cheesy side of love
No Romeo and Juliet
Nor marble domes and Mughal gardens
Lives free of accidents
Those strange collisions fate masters

Yet when yin crashes against yang
Everything seems to balance
Except tipped scales
When folly outweighs logic
As the heart does handstands
Tumbles and makes sounds
You never knew existed before

And this circus has three acts
Heart, the clown; soul, the trapeze artist
And body the acrobat
And love can be found
Maneuvering from the center
As the ring master.


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