The whaling vessel
Still lurks and harpoons still rocket beneath
Where rays of light mix with trays of brine
As tail-gating whalers
Chase the meat of gentle-giants
To make strange amulets
Distill oil and to carve and tear
Some well-cooked flesh
With flat incisors and jagged molars

And in this strange battle
Between monster and meek
And metal and mettle
There is the noise and music
Of beast and beauty
In a face off of two mammals
In a game of hide-and-seek
When in those vast spaces
Filled with salt and krill
Crimson waves rise and fall
As one hull is towed on deck
And one creature loses her battle
Gasping and gushing in agony

And in that seeping blood
Humanity stood butchered
In a holocaust of the ocean
As the north wind whispered eulogies
To the melodies of rushing waves
When one song was silenced
And one titanic was sunk
By the iceberg of apathy.

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