If I was a Democrat…….


If I was a democrat
I would graft a little bit
Of William’s charm and panache
Disinherit the long face of Kerry
Still be a honest hard-working diplomat
I would take a train or Greyhound to work
Seated with my voter-base and be a regular Joe
But mostly I would look at a tall chic
And give her a front row seat at an NBA game
– when my lass and myself
Would munch Dunkin Donuts – while watching a dunk fest
As I make little inroads to a woman’s heart
While seeing the commoner’s manifesto
From a little room in Burlington

And when such multiple personalities
Come crashing inside of me
I would look at democracy – her outer rhetoric
And start to wonder, where would we be
If not for the founding fathers
Who looked through bifocal lenses
When history and the future lay abreast – side by side
One road traveled and many more miles to cover
After all democracy is just as big
As a sperm whale, and just as pure
As an albino mammal of the sea
And when words start to bray through my lips
They will only echo three worthy words
– “Call me, Ishmael”


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