I was overwhelmed of the choice
Before me – like a rug rat given a free pass
To a toy shop, I chose “English-speaking” and “Christian”
And bracketed the choice to “over 30 – under 40”
After all, I was no spring chicken
Just a middle-aged rooster perched
In front of a screen, searching for a big-hearted hen
– And not an egg-hatcher – one who could
Peck me at will, climb on me in desire
And take me to her hen house
With only one string – an eternity – attached.

And then I dipped in and looked at
A bevy of women, for a trace of Agatha Christie
One who will leave enough suspense
But will uncover her past – one Kleenex tissue at a time
As I slowly scrolled down
Until I found one creature called “Godiva”
Who looked like she would get on my horse back
And ride with me to the final sunset
But alas she was not my one

And a while later
I met my wife, she had no aliases
Just a lass who was a true moderate
With a soft spot for creativity
After all they say love is an accident
An overlay of perfect timing, a collision of rare odds
When two people – no one else wanted
Want a fair share of each other

When one website – armed with cupid’s arrow
Interfaces yin and yang
When juxtaposition slowly turns
To overlap and overlap turns
To an eclipse

And an eclipse is pledged
To the end of time.