An Unbalancing Act

Cleavage 3

My wife
She is a little bit of this and that
Asymmetrical mostly – right heavy and left light
Unlike Uma Thurman – the perfect beauty
Or a billowing Kim Kardashian
Sometimes she breathes air to my world
Like when she comes out of the shower
Or lets me squeeze a lot or pinch a little
And at times, she yells out
“Ow – that hurts” – and I wonder
How can pillows hurt or cushions cry?
After all I’m just a playing boy
Still searching for a man’s pair of boots
A stargazer who loves his pillow time
After all even if you’re not a count called Monte Cristo
Or a bloke named Tin-tin
Or even a pitch-drunk Captain Haddock
You can still find a little bit of treasure
In a larger-than-life chest.


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