Painted eggs, chocolate rabbits
Hot-cross buns and treasure hunts
Festivities galore over a heavenly spread
When one man’s rise from death
From inside an egg-like grotto of rock
Unified Madonna and a prostitute
A generous rich man with a stealthy Pharisee
Just like that same mortal nailed to the cross
Unifies good and bad, light and darkness
When the Easter hare is just Santa Clause
Carrying a sack full of eggs
To remind us all – that we are susceptible
To fall, to the gravity of sin
After all we are all Humpty-Dumptys
No King’s horses or any number of King’s men can fix
Except for a healthy dose of mercy
Served from a nailed cross…….
Love – the divine kind – is after all
The renaissance of spring
When eggs reappear – from shatter
Painted in the many hues of blood
To hatch one edition
Of pin-winged renewal.


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