Egg Boy


I took out a bottle of fizzy water
Cream Soda it read, a creamy appearance
With a whisk of olive green
Sparkling, bubbly yet not as effervescent
As the foreign invaders – Coca Cola or Sprite
I gulped down one mouthful and felt the winter tide
Smack against buccal walls and the esophageal tract
Billowing waters wiping clean the thirst
And cooling the scorching heat
I felt the sails rise like Einstein’s hair
And the vertebral mast strengthen
And St Elmo’s fire burning on top
As I found myself back to the library
And blazed my eyes on a science book
To quench my real thirst
To be a mere morsel of Albert
To blaze one streak of brilliance
Unfound in manuscript or parchment
When the boy becomes a man
Unworthy of any theory
Of relativity.

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