A glimpse of my life, after I left a 70000 dollars/annum job and came to Sri Lanka to work for 3000 dollars/annum – after needing my family’s support to deal with the stress of being watched 24 hours a day. I guess I will go down in history as the only Winston Smith – isolated, watched, judged, condemned and left in my own pit of cruelty and apathy. Sadly, my life is not a reflection of me, but only of the state of everyone else’s hearts – people who don’t care about anything but their picket-fenced life, where they enjoy their own privacy and comfort and even have sanity of mind served on a platter to enjoy. I guess humans are the most deplorable animals that have ever roamed mother earth.

elephant -2

Chains radiate like spider’s silk
Holding him prisoner
As a million spiders watch
In glares, at the man he is, and has always been
After all he has no wealth
Or status or royalty or bloodline
Just an implicit heart’s currency
Weighed in virgin ivory
Precious, rare, a poacher’s joy
He goes on, the rarest of species
An elephant held captive
By genderless and heartless spiders
Who conspired his fall and now watch him bleed
Down that pit of apathy
After all it only takes one elephant
To teach a species of liars – spiders
– Who weave tapestries of lies –
That one Ivorian truth
Will trumpet over a million whispers
Just like the resurrection silenced
The whole of mankind
Sometimes it just takes courage
To free one from all man-made strands
To claim a part of history
Unpolluted by fable or myth
When all that he possesses
Is a tusker’s heart
When the truth is as strong
As a tooth’s clench
And enamel’s shoulder.


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