Love Without Sex


They say sex is a spoiler
Like a food-borne pathogen
A slimy bacterium that rots
A bond that is aseptic
And unadulterated
– What gives you the license
To be foolish and uncalculating –
When the odds don’t matter
Only even Eve
And her vow to everlast.

I look at my wife
In her beauty sleep – near naked
Forgetting the number of times
“Little Mr Gunawaradana” – as she teases me –
Was held in buccal grip, inside hollow palms
And within lubricated crevices
Yet I remember the nervous girl
Who stood with me at the alter front
The woman who wakes me up
And makes me meatballs and kochi bites
A lass who paints adult coloring books
And scribbles post-it notes
On my cardiac notice board
A shy girl who rarely initiates even a kiss
But lets out ripping colon burps
And throat farts
And yells out “Better Out, Than In”

Yet sometimes love
Is the source of all evil
Like when you look at your soul mate
In a predator’s gaze
When all the beauty she offers
Is forgotten to compulsion
When sex is the drug of choice
Quaking your world
In the absence of a giddy arrhythmia.

And finally when the rock and roll
Reaches her fated extinction
My wife, will still poop out farts
And scoop out burps
As I wait to hear the words
“Better Out Than In”
And that will be her perennial chorus
As I dip into my mid-life crisis
Knowing she will rest with me
When love is that small noise
That the heart makes
Just like the colon
Or the Adam’s apple……….

And love too………
Is better out than in.


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