You took me in
To your wonderland – my la la land
Where femme fatale meets girl next door
And Bella Donna
Leaps out of a bespectacled nerd
And in that place of multiple personalities
That eclipse like Venn circles
I found that piece of you overlaying all
A place unpolluted by beauty
And unspoiled by flesh
Where no mannequin or muse
Will even wear a tiara or laurel
When every figment of woman
Crosses over to a fragment that exponentially grows
And saturates, until all that is left
Is a miracle of a sixth sense
Outmuscling all others
When something as simple
As palms in clasp, wrists in rapture, lips in knot
And hearts in skip make perfect sense
When all one can do is to yell “eureka”
And embrace that endearing moment
When everything else is forgotten
To one naked feeling.