Cambodian farmers planting rice. 2004. Photo: Brad Collis
Cambodian farmers planting rice. 2004. Photo: Brad Collis

A leafy creature on a stub
That carries the hope of a race
Converting the currency of quanta
To a circulation of carbon – in rings and skeletons
A woman that holds the world in the tip
Of her inflorescence and lip exhales
The very essence of pneuma – oxygen
Where in-between the gratuity of source
And the indemnity of sink
Lies her arteries and veins, affluent in sweetness
Tributaries that prosper like saturated straws
Till the apex of her peduncle
A creature that is rooted to Gaia’s womb
And suckles her bosoms
To feed the circadian flow and ebb
Synchronous revolutions of light and darkness
That sequesters the vitality of light
And emanates the source of prosperity
Golden grains of manna
God-sent, sweat-sculpted, photo-engineered
In the windfalls of domestication
Where dreams are ferried down a strait of lips
To bequeath on buds of sentience
The indomitability of taste
White-chalky mouthfuls of slender grains
Churning in a cavity and kindling flavor
Beyond the perimeter of sanity
A meager coconut-white grain
On the zenith of a leafy green tiller
To nourish child and inner-child
Juvenile and senile and what lies in-between
A grain mandated to be held in palm
And tossed between the lips
To ferment the very essence
Of indulgence of taste
And entitlement of life