Jesse and Hitler

Note – Epigenetics is for example, when you put stress on a person’s life and by doing so try to change the expression pattern of genes. One example of epigenetics is sexual orientation

The man who with penis-envy
And Napoleonic syndrome
Tried to cut down the tall colored poppy
And realized that the beauty of evolution
Will never be humbled
To one puny man – one god-poser
Playing with epigenetics
When what matters has already been
Coded and epi-coded
As the inimitability of one species
Color after all, although not the might of power
Is Spartacus’s endless muscle
And Jesus’s unceding conscience
Symbiosing – deflating power
While inflating love.

Sommerolympiade, Siegerehrung Weitsprung
Olympische Spiele 1936 in Berlin, Siegerehrung im Weitsprung: Mitte Owens (USA) 1., links: Tajima (Japan) 3., rechts Long (Deutschland) 2., Zentralbild/Hoffmann

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