Woman (For International Women’s Day – March 8th)


Creature from the first
To the last dance
From the vow to love
To the fade above
And between her breasts
She carries the tensile strength
Of what two possess in union
And between the sheets
She is the lioness who growls
And the lamb who is
Weak on her knees – the jekyl and hyde
Of her pencil skirt and baby doll
And between her shoulders
She stands not only
As companion and accomplice
For she too is a perennial woman
Who will forever bring
Love to a man’s mane
Ruffling not just scratchy follicles
But sending electricity
Down the spine, knowing
That she will always be
A force that pulls and pushes
A gale that topples
And a tornado that pirouettes
The man in you and the heart beneath
As your eternal concubine
Finds a trail of evidence
To implicate the man she loves
In the robbery of one heart
When a burglar creeps first
Through the eye window
And searches lip drawers
Only to open one fibrous safe

Where he finds
One small room saturated
With a plus-size treasure
Of a big-hearted girl
Wanting big things from you
To be the big man
And surrender your hormones
To the eye of the storm
When love is found impaled through
The pupil of the soul.
A woman of four seasons
Asking her man for an unseasonal love
Till the maple sap runs out
At the beginning of that long December
When you can look back
At beautiful June and remember
How crazy was loon
Of love spreading like marmalade
On two brekky lips……..
A woman is after all
Just as beautiful as the moon
Full, round and promising
You cheesy moments
When all one can say is “Cheese”
To reels of memory
Scribbling an infinity.


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