The art of conversation
Is of more value
Than burrowing deep
Or hibernating long
Inside one’s home school
Of loneliness
After all the marriage of self
And time, is self-taught
Just like his alter-ego
Of solitude.

And when you fish in the seven seas
To hook a curve-coasted manatee
Who converses in your own
Eccentric frequency and pidgin
Everything around – scales and skin
Sculpt themselves to a beautiful mermaid
With a plus-sized heart

After all love is a language
Of lip apart from lip, and lip topped on lip
And not candy falling on eye
When all you can do is bump and grind
While hearing a symphony or perhaps a psalm
In a synchronous duet

But never……….

The implicit beauty
Of eloquence between man and woman
In their intercourse of histories and dreams
Of crusades and fears, in flow and ebb
Lighting twin macrocosms
As they make love to mortal hearts
In pint sized packets of
Meaningful sound…….

Emptying words
While filling love.