Colored Woman (International Day for Women of Color – 1st March)

A woman of color
Is a lifelong tempest and rarely a lull
She doesn’t have roads paved or castles inherited
She has strong wrists and a courageous mind
That will break the hold of kismet
One second at a time
And carries numerous identities
– Petals of a flower and fires of a nymphomaniac
The color of Pocahontas and the song of Maya Angelou
Warrior of love and concubine of solitude –
After all a woman of color is a storybook life
Narrating her biography as a parable
To nourish a million colored girl-children
Inheriting strong bones and generous hips
And will choose to be visible – not by the color of the skin
But by the sheer determination
To outmaneuver the invisible hand of color–sighted fate
As they paint tinted pages of history
With 50 shades of color.



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