Losing Nel

I have a travelling suitcase
In my white and grey pockets
Where I slip mementos
Of where I have been
Times I kissed a mermaid
And made love to her lips
With my barb and hook
And even lapsed eons
When I let myself be wrapped by her scales
As she tore open her tail
And asked me to smell her world
While I drooped my tongue
And scooped her – as she sung
Her beautiful song of the sea
And in that suitcase she will forever rest
As an untouchable to my wanderlust
As I, the mental voyager
Of her boundless universe
Assembled a collage of bits and scraps
Salting every tidal and windy moment
She bore the boy – as she made the man
Rocking me to and fro
All the way to my own little heaven
To beautify my night vigils
To La-la land.

Cleavage 3


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