Up and down, bisecting her
Stood a fragment of father time
Sheltering a moment
That he never thought would happen
After all, 38 is no spring chicken
Just a clucking chicken with feathers
Who postponed his arrival
To this one destined oasis

He knew he was only
A porn star with a million eyes watching
Fear was his only emotion
But courage was his blue-pill
– She knew too, although she never told him –
As his dreams bounced off against her wall
It was a baptism for him
And a 7-year itch for her
Reawakening what she knew
A lifetime ago.

They made love many times
All under the watch of technology
After all, although mystically beautiful
He did panic when the bed-hare
Was sometimes a little soft
Just like a cuddle-me rabbit

Still it was a beautiful story
One man with no history
And the only woman who saw
Any goodness in him
Walked off from the hills of Nuwara Eliya
Knowing they were no longer
Children in love – only man and woman
With the power to conspire
One beautiful act of longing
In to a clement edition
Of biological serendipity

They came back to Colombo
Knowing love was like the ocean
Immeasurable until you wade into her
To find her true depths
After all, a journey without a map
Is a voyage worth-taking
For love is not shatterproof nor is it brittle
It is just transparent glass
Sculpted to the shape
Of a crystal ball



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