Hating Christianity


A common topic of today is the “islamophobia” present in many parts of Europe due to the current refugee crisis and in America due to the rhetoric of one presidential candidate who has been quoted to have said that refugees from the middle-east will not be allowed to come to America under his watch. Islamophobia is covered well in almost all the news channels and also get plenty of column space in liberal publications. What I wish to draw here is not this topic but the widespread persecution of Catholics around the whole wide world.

A few years back, a map in the magazine Readers Digest caught my eye, which showed the prevalence of anti-Catholic/Christian propaganda and persecution in those selective countries. I clearly remember seeing India, Pakistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan and Iraq among those 12-14 nations color coded in that map. I remember during that time, there was also the horrific incident of a rape and murder of a nun in Orissa, India and here in Sri Lanka too, police were found inside churches due to some level of animosity against, in particular, the fundamentalist Christian movements in the country.

We live in a world, where Islam is in a perpetual rise and Christianity is on the decline, as more and more church goers are leaving the church for their own personal reasons or due to social persuasion – largely to practice pre-marital sex. If there would have been a crusade this day and age – of course with the current situation in Syria, you will have to assume that there is some level of crusade developing there between Isis fighters and the Russian Orthodox pilots, although a fair distance from Jerusalem – Christianity would be at the losing end, in both the number of fighters as well as in cohesiveness and team spirit.

So why are Christians hated by the liberal media? It is just because they make easy targets in their acceptance of criticism and counter-arguments. The church and the pope, are not strict authoritarians and although rich, they don’t practice insularity like the equally powerful Hollywood boys club. The church is accepting of the views of the Hindustan Times or the Huffington Post and will only answer back if that is the most suited to the specific situation. In contrast, if you remember correctly, there was a huge upheaval when a Danish cartoonist drew Prophet Mohammed and that resulted in waves of rhetoric by Muslim leaders and volatility at the grass roots level in many parts of the world.

When Isis members were massacring the Yazidi, the western media took their aim at the murder or brutal enforcement of conversion and slavery of the Yazidi minority. However, it was only when some attractive 30-something Christian women formed a militia in Syria, largely due to the attractiveness and the female-centricity of the fighters, that the media took these fighting units to the international stage. Christians are the last to make the news for their good deeds and the first to make the news in their scandals. This is the status quo of today’s world and we will continue to hear of child—abuse and hushed-down stories by members of the clergy but rarely would we hear of the endless ground-level work done by Caritas or any other religion-based donor and charity agencies at both peaceful situations and appeals.

Double standards are the reason why I don’t read Huffington Post or any other liberal magazine. After all, there is no way, they will look at my plight and shed any tears. After all, Jesus was public enemy number one in his time and the institution he started holds that same place in the contemporary landscape. Liberal essentially means being open to progress and other people’s opinions. Yet in this world, liberal is just about pushing on selective issues such as the Clinton campaign, Islamophobia etc when Catholics/Christians in Nigeria and Syria, are being murdered every passing day.

Jesus is the central figure in Christianity and an acknowledged figure in Islam. He should be unifying polarities and not dividing people. We like looking through fences and barbed wires, because we are after all prisoners of the Babel tower and Abraham’s philandering and only when we ovulate from those prisons can we progress to fertilize a zygotic love. The media though will have to be like Humpty Dumpty, sit on the fence or wall, if not, they will fall and get shattered for their partisan views and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, will not be able to put the credibility of the media, together again.


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