Forever is a word
And a passage of time that will pass you
Beyond your trappings and spaces
Transcending pneuma and palpitation
What is defined by gold rings
And infinity candles
And vows between man and woman
Always they say is not a Harry Potter moment
Or a Bon Jovi song
It is a special highway for two people
Paved in cobblestone time
And they say it sometimes passes in a kiss and a gaze
Even a cuddle or a conversation
After all eternity needs no stretch marks
Or scars to remind of her size
Always bigger than scope
And unspanned by feet or heartbeat
Yet it is the safest place for a heart to be
Knowing there is a bedfellow
And accomplice always near
After all, eternity is the continuum of love
A place of uncountable horizons
But one landscape – your juxtaposed lover
Walking beside
On that road to anywhere



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