Cuckoo Love

Each night, he takes a pill
And so does she, but in the mid morning
‘Valium’ one tablet says and the other reads ‘Mithuri’
Both pills of convenience, both pills of choice
To calm his nerves and her eggs

They talk every night in bed
Random thoughts that mix in a hodge-podge
Emitting fragrances of love
They talk of the possibility of children
Of caesarian sections and natural births
Of Aristotelian schools and saintly colleges
Of Sunday school and tuition classes
When hope outnumbers fate
And love overpowers doubt

She is the realist and he is the romantic
Both united though on a love-bundle – a bouncing ball
After all happiness is found in a zygotic blueprint
When man and woman ovulate together
From misfiring neurons and sterile ovaries
To lay a trail of hope to a beautiful heartbeat
And a visage beautified by lip-petals
Blossoming in a smile

A child who will grow up
On cough syrup and paracetamol
Antibiotics, vaccines and flu-injections
Until the child is old enough
To find out that the pill that matters most
Is the one with an eternal prescription
To fill 21 grams of worth
Within a fellow cuckoo’s heart.

Wedding Dress


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