My birthday falls on the 19th of August, the same day as Bill Clinton, the man from the deep south, with a good north inside his temple, who came east and became the president of a west power. He was like an anemometer or anemoscope, a disciple of fate, who strayed to the speed of winds but found his true north as a diplomat and orator. Although not a democrat, I have a lot of respect for this man, after all under his watch, America consolidated as a progressive nation and he always knew how to reach for his mental pockets and find enough anecdotes to thrill a small crowd.

Of course, he had his scandals, but when one looks at the curvy mystique Renoir-like burlesque mannequin figure of Monica Lewinsky, one can understand why a man with such pedigree would sway and stray. Monica is a beautiful creature, who practiced her lipstick witchcraft, to woo and put a spell on her man, solely out of love. Even now she rarely comes in to the public spotlight – after all she was a victim of the media -, but my sincere hope is that she would have found her sanctuary, her own solace after being left by Bill, in her own storybook life.

Being born on the same day as Bill Clinton, does not make me like him nor does it make me unlike him. After all, he and I, both meander to fate, and just like a river we do find our calling in life at those defining ages and mileposts. What I’m trying to share with you here is that, your birthday or zodiac sign does not make who you are, it is only being a student of possibilities and a conquistador of new frontiers that you live a complete life. Not just wanderlust but also “wonderlust” (your lust for thinking and questioning) makes you ponder and find your calling in the mental tapestries of your temple, after all, your inductive reasoning is the only tool in the science of love and other grails of human nature.

Another fictional character I share my birthday with, is the Sesame Street character Aloysius Snuffleleupagus, the elephant and funnily just like him I have a keen eye for the plus size canary birds, with curves on their hips, bubbles on their bum, and cups on their bosoms (The Monica kind). So maybe I’m more like Bill and Aloysius than I ever thought. After all, we both like “curvy” women who have a soft spot to be nonsensical in love. Still I don’t believe in superstition, although I’m known to hide my rosary inside my pocket and proudly wear my cross between clavicle bones. Superstition is there for the narrow at heart who only believe that, they are sculptures who do not evolve and are stagnant inside their own small worlds defined by set buttons and puppeteer strings.

When I look at the life of Bill Clinton, I always remember that he united the whole world and his legacy was carried forward by the republican George Bush, who did more to Africa, than even the African son, Barrack Obama, after all it was George Bush that contributed to the “One campaign” and made inroads in AIDS relief in Africa (through PEPFAR). This shows that you don’t need to be partisan slaves in your ethos and actions and can help mankind if you are keen in effecting ‘positive change’ at the grass roots level in those landscapes which are starved of human rights. I too have a soft spot for Africa and my only hope is that I will get to visit Africa, before my duel with illness and my tryst with the blade of death.

A birthday comes and goes, when we make merry with a birthday cake and celebrate the eclipse of another year. A year of self-discovery, accidental or purpose-drive. Every Christian has a purpose-driven life found on Jesus’s charity, but they too are constant believers in accidents and miracles – not just immaculate conception and incarnation but also love and fate. After all, birthdays are moments when we gaze at ourselves at the mirror, for consolidation and also to gnaw into the possibilities of growth in the following year.

I’m no William of the Clinton dynasty. I’m just a 6’4” elephant down the streets of fate, with a gargantuan heart, who had a soft spot for the plus-size heart of a Big Canary Bird, like Monica – before I tied the knot. My birthday did not determine that, only my God-bestowed, gene-sculpted and fate-derobed identity sold me that life plan. My premium is to love mankind with an elephantine heart, after all you only live once, and giving back to humanity has been my calling this far. We are only what we sow and not what we harvest.