In Galileo’s heartland
The slanted tower of Pisa
Reminds the imperfection in man
After all the bipedal creature
Slants to the weight
Of mortal sin

The skyward tower of Babel
Tore humanity to shreds
As man grappled with
The cacophony of tongues
And the disharmony
Of his needs and wants

Still they dwarf
To the might of the Eiffel giant
Where love is a mainstay
And reason is in absentia
After all folly only dances
To the beat of the amorous heart

And in the city
The Eiffel tower was constructed
A long time ago
There was one statue sculpted
With one torch and one tablet
Cradled on her ambidexterity
Symbolizing the infinity
Of God-given freedom

And in these tall wonders
That once were and still are
Lies a strange truth
That in this basketball court of life
There are many tall players
Standing out, searching for the perfect shot
To bask in the pinnacle
Of unheralded glory