Through A Child’s Eyes

Like the eye that gazes
For the thrill of discovery
Concealed beneath all tender veneers
And searches for mysteries
In lego pieces and building blocks
For there lives a perennial seeker
In every child, building castles of the mind
After all a juvenile is only a plank of wood
Floating on vast oceans of learning
Where miseducation looms as
A click on a keyboard or through the wandering eye
When dreams sink inside gingerbread houses
When a saccharine smile fails to hide
The true horror of what was lost
When inner-child flies away leaving behind outer-innocence
Gazing through the cracked wall
Of a cocoon and wondering
When she finally comes out of her enclosure
Would they still see the colorful wings
Of a beautiful butterfly.



Author: meandererworld (Dilantha Gunawardana)

Dr Dilantha Gunawardana is a molecular biologist who graduated from the University of Melbourne. He moonlights as a poet. His poems have been accepted/published in Forage, American Journal of Poetry, Kitaab, Eastlit and Ravens Perch. He mixes science with poetry for a living, when what matters is the expression of both DNA and words into something serendipitous. Although an Australian citizen, Dilantha is domiciled in Sri Lanka, his country of birth.

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