Brown Man On Court

I don’t have Chamberlains’s libido
Black books or scores of points, even conquests
I don’t have Air-Jordans on my feet
Although I do wear size 48 shoes
I am no Shaq, the towering giant
Who dunks with a simple jump and an outstretched wrist
Nor am I a Gasol brother or a nimble Nash
Showing that even white men can jump
I’m no Parker with romance in my blood
Although I am spurred on by a little joie-de-vivre
I’m no Lebron, I’m far from Herculean myths
Nor am I a laughing cavalier on court
I’m no Lin, a trendsetter for the noodle smile
And the spicy tom yum eyes
I’m just a brown man, 6’4’ in height
Who plays for the love of the game
Knowing that it only takes one basket
To feel the inner endorphins and the outer sunrise
After all, I’m just an average man on court
Playing the tall man’s sport
Searching for a flawless lob or hook
Fishing for one mere memory
When dreams rise to the fall of a bouncing ball
Through perfection’s lips.


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