He wasn’t Richard the Lion Heart
Who courageously battled the crusades
And came scot-free – unwounded
He was just a fragile cherry to be plucked
Nor was he like Richard Dawkins
A God-hater who hides beneath
Darwin’s beard and the convenience of science
– No fear of God kept him behind closed zippers
Only the long and protracted search for love did that
And no science could ever explain that –
Nor was he Richard Feynmann, the physicist
Who explored nano-depths using his hydraulics system
– After all there is plenty of room at the bottom –
Even down pink-walled wishing wells
He was merely Richard – self-confessed dreamer and king of wishful thinking
Who had a long puberty and an even-longer wait
Who with a giddy heart and a courageous smile
Climbed the dizzy heights of love
And found out that it wasn’t rocket science
Just a little bit of Newton’s third law and some kinetic friction
– After all the impact craters of Venus
Were moist and beautiful –
And on that day Richard lost his throne (and crown)
And forever became a commoner
A dickhead for love.



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