Richard Branson – Dick in real life
Brought his company ‘Virgin’
– Bearded, a little barmy and supremely nice –
To the United States of America
Where he met Jeff Bezos’s megastore
Amazon, a buxom female archer
Who too was a virgin and liked to go topless
Was D-cupped and 40 mouth-watering inches
Around the bubble-shaped buttocks
And they merged on paper and word
As a retail bookstore wedded a record label
Where “I Do” was the pledge
And ever-last was the mission statement
And in that same beautiful nightfall
Two people with an abundance of emotional capital
Realized that the journey from now to forever
Will always be preserved on folios of the paperback mind
And in music of the vinyl heart
After all what is more beautiful
Than two consenting virgins
Devirginizing an eternity.