Martin Luther King (Commemorating MLK Day)

The mind is Martin
Perennial dreamer on meadows of thoughts
And galaxies of the third eye
Fighting like a warrior – sparking impulses
Crossing synapses, potentiating courage
All in the name of love and equality
After all a dreamer only possesses infinite wings
And melanin is no longer skin graffiti
But transcendent art

The soul is Luther
Faith the bastion of that mysterious place
Steel beneath the dermal rampart
Where prayers are a meditation and love a practice
Where a black man lay, as the shepherd of his race
And a lamb of all humanity
After all, the Negro son – the chosen one
Was sacrificed on a balcony alter

The heart is King
No flow through of royal blood though
Just a simple and humble man
Who didn’t wear a crown of glitter or thorns
Merely a mortal with a vision
Who walked past man-made barriers
Marched long and far, with a thumping chamber
Pumping mercury through arteries
Yet spitting morphine through lips

And united – As Martin Luther King
He was the moon to the American midnight
Where all prejudices endured by the sable night
Vanished to a celestial body of light
When a solitary satellite orbited a few million hearts
Held only by the Newtonian gravity
Of one beautiful dream.



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