Alter Boy

He hid behind
The façade of squeaky cleanness
An alter-boy growing up
Who perennially wondered what wine tasted like
He thought he wanted to become a priest
Make landslides in the heart with well-rehearsed words
Then he grew up and realized
He was neither kind enough nor cared enough to be one
And celibacy or the chastity belt
Would asphyxiate his testicles and starve his hosing
As he became a sex-addict, who could unfurl tongues like Manna
And part thighs akin to the Red Sea
He was after all Moses with his potent staff
Strolling from woman to woman
But came to God each Sunday for redemption
After all being catholic meant you could sin (as much as you want)
And wipe them off by cosmetic confessions
He only knew fornication, and love was as alien
As life in Mars, still he knew his warm-bloodedness
And his Catholicism, were like two peas in a pod
Both founded on the sacrifice of the body
And helped a little by a sip of wine
And that was all he was, a man with needs
Who went from alter to alter
As a pilgrim of lust.

Mary and Joseph



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