Joseph And Mary

While the donkeys bray
And the elephants trumpet
In 50 states of red, blue and white
There is one day when the torn is stitched
And the walls are broken down
When eye searches for an eye
To reciprocate an amicable gaze
A shoulder seeks a shoulder
To knot in rapprochement of a hug
A lip quests for another lip
To perpetuate traditions under mistletoe
When a heart doesn’t search for her counterpart
Knowing that Joseph and Mary
Live in every couple – married or not
When immaculate-conception
Is not about the magic of an adventitious heartbeat
But the love that was fertilized
By an invisible hand called fate
When Christmas is a celebration
Of that advent of love
When a heartbeat is the resonance
Of another in euphonious melody
Of an emotion called joy
When man and woman
Celebrate the festivity of one feeling
Even in the still absence of fecundity
After all isn’t true love
Just as pure as a baby’s eyes?

Mary and Joseph


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