Outside a Cake Shop

The crushed dreams concealed
Beneath the wrinkled forehead
Sarong-clad, sweat-varnished, shirt-bare
A Sri Lankan pauper who will rarely catch a conscience
But is passed from eye to eye like a commodity
He labors on in front of a cake shop called ‘Fab’
When the brittle jaws muster a few words of imploration
Searching for a little bit of mercy
Under a merciless sun and amidst frosty hearts
After all here in the Serendib isle
There are cakes which are baptized
When the greedy finger plunges and scrapes a tipful of icing
Just like when teeth clench and the lips stretch
For the icing on lip-gloss to melt in a saccharine smile
After all the beggar and the wealthy man
Only meet and greet outside a cake shop
When in the interface of icing sugar – there are two men
Baked of dough spilling their icing
In the name of human nature –
After all a smile is a threadbare cliche, j
ust like a gifted note or coin
And hiding beneath this transaction is sincerity
Slowly eroding towards extinction
When all reflexes mechanical prosper
At the expense of the manual.



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