The Atheist Divide

There are theories
Such as evolution that can define
A bald head and a beard-full of follicles
Like Darwin – after all Homo sapiens
Is both the relative and successor
To an ourang-outang – Pongo pygmaeus
And in this strange but truthful science
The redheads that run the Borneo jungles
Were in time sheered
And given a strange organ called a feeling heart
– What can override the mighty brain
With unreason and folly.

After all what is more sinister
Than belief – like the type that puts faith on
Yetis and abominable snowmen
Who leave humongous foot marks
On snowy mountain sides
A tooth fairy who steals milk teeth
And Santa Clause who packs and delivers gifts
From the ice-caps of North Pole

There is something beautifully child-like
In faith, after all there is no clutter
Or rust or bitterness in a child’s heart
Just a whimsical faith in the unreal
– After all Santa is that obese man
With a chuckle who gives free gifts –
And in that unclouded eye
There is the boundless beauty of imagination
Spilling from the third eye
After all what you need is an obese heart
And an anorexic mind to make one leap of faith
After all God or fate or even evolution
Possesses the same potter’s palms
That sculpts a man with scanty hair
A long white beard
And a beer belly

And when some see Darwin
Others choose to see Santa Clause.


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