A beautiful kind of love lives
Between a dark tanned man
And an ivory skinned woman
Where all the beauty rests
Beneath the tip of an iceberg
Where an oreo biscuit sits
A creamy coating of sugar
Between twin melanin-painted arms
And two locking shoulder blades

It was love that they made
On springs of a cotton-packed mattress
Making a racket as they bounced like a trampoline
Walls applauded saying it was as beautiful
As trays of black and white chocolate
On a confectionary window
And as sweet as the curd and honey
Where snowy mountains are cut across
By treacle rivers

It is said a cup of black tea
Is served best with a teaspoon of white sugar
Which brings out a hedonic taste
After all what is more beautiful
Than the sound of black quavers and semi-breves
On a coconut white sheet of music
Articulating a rhapsody of two bodies
A piano duet between man and woman
Ending on the perfect note
– Agonizingly beautiful….

And slowly in the lazy aftermath, his dark-tanned arms
Cocooned her silken breasts
For an oreo to re-emerge
As a beautiful cuddle…..