An Anatomy Of Life

Atlas of a woman’s sculpture
Is defined both by her outer aesthetics
And her inner tubing
After all physical beauty and fecundity
Are siblings of the same womb
One cultivating lust and the other fertilizing desire
A woman is after all not just a face and a body
Nor is she solely a bearer of concentric breasts
And cushioning buttocks
She too carries two spherical globules
From where an egg drops – Just about that crazy time of the month
When the hormones play a little bit of heavy metal –
And channels through Fallopian tubes
Tumbling away with night goggles on
To meet a not-so-handsome stranger
She still falls a little bit head over heels
To have a magical one night stand
When two bodies become one
And one cell becomes many
After all what is an apical design of fatum
But the exponential division of one unit of anatomy
Snowballing to a beautiful heartbeat
Bearing love in the form of life



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