Inside my wooden cot
When careless steps were mixed
With bum drops on a soft woolen mattress
After all gravity was discovered
Only when I found my feet
At a tender age of infancy

And in time, I would scamper and fall
Running to my mother’s arms
Even chasing the wiggly caterpillars
And the busybody ants
After all my feet were now my ally
Yet balance was still not a perfect art
Not yet fully erect like Australopithecus
Figuring out my footsteps
While playing a game of throw-ball
And chasing a dinky car

And finally when I discarded
My parents’ palms – my de facto safety wheels
I stood as Homo erectus for the first time, knowing in time
I will develop my cranial volumes
And my culturable taste
When the true Homo sapiens will emerge
To walk upright, after all
I am only a Neanderthal sheared by evolution
An erect clone that is universally man
Who stood up tall and high
To witness his own surroundings
With his own two eyes.



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