Mud Slide

Every time you sip
A mug of hot chocolate from her frothy brink
You feel you’re unconsciously spurring on
Child labor in cocoa farms in 
the Ivory Coast
As you find yourself lifted in flavor
And drifting in conscience….

And when you slowly bite into
A dark Swiss chocolate
You feel a lingering bitterness
Persisting on your upper jaw
Above noose-like tonsils
Hanging from their ceiling

An unheralded bitterness
Your taste worships and your conscience rips
After all guilty pleasure is not just
A crime of the heart, it is a sinful of chocolate
When your third eye wades through
Throngs of innocent Negro faces
To crack apart a piece of chocolate
For the tongue to scoop and the teeth to sink
To a mudslide of bittersweet intemperence


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