The act of sex
Comes in many essences
A myriad of positions and a thousand places
After all it is more diverse
Than the number of ice-cream flavors
Sold around the world

In France
They say “faire l’amour”
After all who can stop
The French from tongue kissing
Pillow talk and foreplay
Before a little ‘agonizing’ death
Sends a little bit of an earthquake
Shattering the heart

In New Zealand
They say “mac’ just like
The burger grilled
And tasted as a happy meal
After all there is only 10 minutes
Before the second half starts
In a game of rugby…….

In England
The English say ‘let’s shag’
With a devilish grin
Just like Austin Powers
After all the buxom bar maids
Are a whole lot delicious
Than a jug of beer
And a plate of fish and chips

In Australia
They say bury the bishop
Gee wiz, aren’t the kangaroos
A little too catholic?
At least the bishop seems to
Be wearing a skull cap
Made of rubber

In this babel of tongues
And tongue twisters
There lies the oldest act of them all
For when Adam made love to Eve
For the first time
They only knew one almighty word
And that word stays on even now
After all what is more bone-tingling
And follicle-raising
Than a sculpture of a beaming smile
Demanding for God