Railway Yard

I had unprotected sex
With my wife, knowing disease
Could not touch me even in my darkest nightmare
I was not the Orient Express
Or the Tran-Siberian railway
Not even the Udarata Menike
I knew only one station, where you and I got off
In a rare instance when two lines converged
On to one platform

I look back down your railway line
Where far away stands one more station
Where your train stopped momentarily
For a few minutes and restarted
Her journey to find her soul train
That would find his way
To a common railway yard

And now we are an old rugged yard
A union of iron and steel
What no amount of rust could destroy
Not even the nuts and bolts
Of a platform on a faraway station
After all what is an eternity
But a railway yard only big enough
For two trains, recombined by choice
Where the cargo of love was exchanged in a vow
And coupled by fate and god

Till scrap metal do us apart.

Railway yard


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