Paris (In The Aftermath)

It was well after
The emergence of darkness
When the night combusted to detonated vests
And bullet-thumping guns
Phlogiston blazed as fiery flames
In Lavoisier’s haunts and hunting grounds
Although there was nothing scientific about the night
Carnage they say are Neanderthal traditions
Unknowing to the meek and lovable ‘Homo sapiens parisiensis’
And finally when the sound of bullets faded
There was a stillness that could be seen
From the top of Eiffel tower
They say the night hid her tristesse
But the lungs beneath bosoms could not
As sorrow and agony were interwoven in wails and screams
In the gruesome aftermath
Until an arras of dawn was unfurled
And the Parisians went inside bed-covers
Knowing that for the unlucky ones
‘A bientot’ was perhaps too late………

And adieu……..
Was an eternity too soon.

Man crying


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