Did I cross you too late ?

My barbaric scent of flesh that stenches my body

Mounting what is short-hemmed and cheap…..

I see myself vividly, a mustang on a mirror

Free to roam where lust dictates

Until youth asphyxiated me, at the corner of 40…….


What if we met on the underside of a table 

Etched our names on timber or pasted chewing gum

As juxtaposed mementos…….

And walked away as star-crossed lovers

What if I walked past you down a church nave

Too focused on looking devout

Or perhaps looking down in shame……


What if our paths crossed tomorrow

When you bloom on my retina

And my heart overpowers my body

Will you promise, to keep me away from your bed linen

Until I bloom next to you and claim you as my own

When one rose and one forest flower

Will wilt their vivid petals, together

To a life sentence of love

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