Mobile Phone

The common man’s best friend

What is sculpted by circuits and covered by plastic

A few inches of delight

That maketh man a cosmopolitan civilian

Where on his fingertips is a portal to the world

What consummates scrolls of knowledge

And gifts man packets of wisdom

A instrument that is held ever so close and dear

What glorifies his identity by brand-name and gadgetry

And is passed from one’s pocket to his facial contours

What communicates saintly truths and diabolical lies

Even forms liaisons perhaps even extends an olive leaf

What keeps man connected to the remote

And disconnected to the ambient

A device that ameliorates by generation

And spans deep oceans and winding borders

Bosom ally to recordings of time

And creator of virtual spaces

What will keep man company

In loneliness and solitude

And in spite of it all, she is a wonder of technology

What will narrate his life story

Until his final evanescence 

Where in a series of contacts and names

Lies a chronicle of his life

Finally resting in peace



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