Like a branch that is burdened

By the fruits of labor

I stood at beyond the tip of my dreams

Holding on to a ripened state of boredom 

For the man that has once loved

Is bound to fade like the final sunset

To encounter the shade of tomorrow’s shadow

Where falling memories hold you hostage 

Staring at lucid mirrors of nostalgia

Seeing the man that once lived for love

A man who harvested his only dream

Only to glean tomorrow’s residue

A man that lived through fires of passion

Only to see the ice ages of loneliness

For love is an addiction, the apical narcotic

No patch can heal or no high can replace

A state that will forever haunt the body with need

And the heart with greed – for that one creature

A place that will vacate every drop of hope

Until man crumbles like porcelain to scatter his existence

Where fragments can piece together one broken man

Starting at lowly pieces of a jigsaw puzzle………

To love is a powerful feeling

To have loved is an enfeebling passage

Where a newspaper cutting of an obituary

Ruptures the sanity

And a daily walk to a tombstone

Awakens the insanity

And the square perimeter of an empty home

Strangles every neck muscle

Yet an empty marriage bed

Brings a speckle of light, of where she lay

In passion and fever, in bliss and in wither

Where two souls will forever be

Comforters in love and in absence