A Hotel Room

To be the one

That undresses longing off your eyes

And dresses your eyes with sunny tears on monsoon heavens

To be the one that will hold you beside and in-front

Clasp your slender fingertips and your curving hips

Making side-way glances and then tides of love

Where we entered a ghostly hotel room

As hand-in-hand lovers

And parted with a twinkle in our eyes and a skip in our beat

An unworthy room worthy of two souls in love

Where on a bed of sin lingered an aftertaste

What was haunting like the spasmodic tremors

That shook the very essence of breath

Rattling all in her path; ferocious in spirit and unrepentent in soul

Where in the aftermath, we walked off through an open doorway

Smiling like the moon in the dark

Forever knotted in body, fate and time

Never to look back at each other in coyness or need

Two lovers that leapt in to sin

Only to crash in to bliss


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