Taj Mahal

A pinnacle body of marble

Flawless in sphere

A glow that vanquishes the clouded eye

And tears opens the fibers of the heart

With the radiance and the romance of light

Epitomizing life, her fragility and loss

The paucity of pneuma and the depth of love

The legacies that echoed far beyond the trappings of time

To metamorphose grief in to a labor of love

A dome that has withstood the wrath of the sun

And the outpour of the monsoon

Carving a legacy that will haunt the unloved soul

And reincarnate the amorous vault

Where in the fillers of the cosmic divide

Lies an epic tale of love, of togetherness

What is symbolized by the doming presence of marble

That will drift far in to time

As a remembrance of who was set adrift in soul

A monument that will woo the wanderer

Not by her breathtaking perfection

But by the crystalline love that lies forever naked

For the beholder to get lost in her form

And be found by one beautiful epiphany

Of the beauty of the bond between man and woman

Preserved in perpetuity


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