Like a bud on the brink of opening her eyes

And leasing her heart

To the wandering suitor

I stood still to the trickle of time

Waiting for fate to knock on the door

To impale the inner sanctum

With the filler of one soul

Where the unsteady heart 

Will steady her hull and moor to one jetty

To where the waters are calm

A place of inner-serenity and outer-glow

Where all cargo will be unburdened

As the body rests from her journeys

In the sedation of counterpart of soul

As the summation of man and woman

Leaves behind a trail of true mirth

What crashes into open senses

Where the music of resonance in the confluence of heartbeats

Generates one precious frequency 

Where the soul dances on and on

Protracted to an infinity 

Littering memory-lane 

With scraps of eternal mementos


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