Love has no varnish or veneer

It is like a lump of clay

That molds in the hands of the holder

And sculpts perfection to the beholder

It knows no boundaries or perimeters

Lurks unnoticed even enflames in superabundance

Love, holds imperfection on a pedestal

And perfection on twin retinas

Endows the soul with counter-creature

Soul mate, guardian of destiny, custodian of mirth

And keeper of intangible flames

Love, is akin to a street light down a dark alleyway

Or a star in a pitch black sky

It will hold you but never control you

It will free you from yourself, shadow and reflection

Where beauty is seen through the lens of the conscience

Love, the steel of glass, the strength in vulnerability

The perennial among annuals

And the gold beneath the stardust

Love, where between a bridge of two creatures

Lies a conduit of friendship and desire

Where a mutualistic symbiosis takes place

An alloy of two metallic hearts

In a crucible meant for one……

Love, what torments to pacify, leaves trails and surmounts sails

Where in the voluntary act of surrender

Is the purest gift of them all….

Love, what unravels like a flower

Each petal a new memory, in a collage of elapsed milestones

What paves nostalgic moments

Down boulevards of endearment

Love, a right for the living

Even a reason for dying

The only Nirvana on earth 

What is patient and forbearing

And sees with an implicit clarity

And cradles the blemished and the flawed

In a bassinet of perfection

Love, fool’s gold, the only place worth 

Of an unworthy human

Redemption for human vices 

And glory for mortal virtues

And articulation to the honesty of feeling

In the absence of guise or omission

Where two creatures crash into each other

Down magnetic fields of fate

Where north and south couple together

With a promise…

Never to uncouple.


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